Reef VTS and the Great Barrier Reef

Jul 23 2019
It might seem odd that a Scottish publisher has written a Passage Planning Guide for the Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait. You might even be wondering what we think we can tell the Australians about their territory? Well, not a great deal really but read on!

We’re going to need a bigger icebreaker!

Dec 30 2013
On Christmas day, the Captain of the Russian research vessel ‘Akademik Shokalskiy’ with a complement of 74 persons onboard,comprising of scientists, crew and a number of members of the world’s media,sent out a mayday as his vessel was beset off Eastern Antarctica...

P&O Ship Visit

Dec 20 2013
Not everyone here at Witherby Publishing has a maritime background and when you’re working on something technical that can be a real drawback. It is one thing to read about engines, propeller shafts and generators and quite another to have experience of working with them, at the very least, to have seen one up close.

Grain LNG visit

Nov 19 2013
Grain LNG visit By Gillian Macrosson
As the Publishing Manager at Witherbys, my background is in publishing and not in shipping. To help me learn more about the shipping industry, I recently attended a fascinating panel meeting for the Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO) in London, followed by a trip to National Grid's liquefied natural gas (LNG) installation at Grain LNG on the Isle of Grain peninsula on the River Medway in north Kent.

Smoko v’s Sea time

Oct 29 2013
I was at a meeting last week where I bumped into someone I’d sailed with more than 20 years ago.  Many of you will know how it goes at that point; drop in standards, blah blah, things not like the good old days, blah blah, etc.


Sep 10 2013
Many radar and ARPA sets carried onboard modern vessels have the capability for the OOW to enter 'ARPA maps' and to retrieve previously prepared maps.  Although the setup varies between manufacturers, and it can often be quite fiddly to lock the overlay, such maps on the radar screen are a useful tool when monitoring the vessel's progress throughout her passage.

Would you have a yachting holiday using your MCA Certificate of Competency if you could?

Aug 06 2013
In the late 1980s, as a cadet at Nautical College, each autumn as night classes resumed college lecturers would give navigation and chartwork classes to budding yachtsman. However, what seemed to irritate the lecturers was that, while they had spent many years learning navigation skills and had spent many years at sea, they were not themselves deemed qualified to charter a small yacht! 

The story behind a book cover with a difference

Mar 14 2013
In the world of specialist technical publishing, more time is spent searching for the perfect image that conveys what the book is about than any other graphic imagery task. Occasionally you are able to create something completely unique for your publication, which leaves the world in no doubt as to what that book is about. One such instance happened last month, for the 2013 edition of the ‘Passage Planning Guide Malacca and Singapore Straits’.