Final proof checks on BLCH Guide this week

Aug 29 2012


With publication due in the 2nd week of October 2012, we have now received five proof copies of the BLCH Guide from the printers.


These proof versions are copies made to look exactly like the real thing, which allows our editors the opportunity to read through both volumes of the book one last time, before we give the'green light' to proceed with the main print run next week.



In its original form, the collective documents for The BLCH Guide amounted to more than 2,000 pages of information.These were summarised, reviewed and edited a number of times during 2010 and then typeset into the two column style shown during 2011. 

After a series of detailed 'readability' audits we called for and received a substantial number of photographs from CDI members, which were inserted where appropriate to support the narrative.

Proof reading the text becomes a little easier when you can see it in its final format. Our editors have finished proofing the first 50 pages, with only another 520 pages to go!