A Piece of India that is Scottish Forever


The Witherby Publishing Group Trust and Core Competency Marine’s cricketing event on 25th November 2012 at New Delhi was an enjoyable occasion that brought together a diverse group of cricket fans.

Cricket jerseys and T-shirts donated by Cricket Scotland and sent to India by Witherbys were distributed during the event to embrace and promote the cricketing spirit from Scotland.

Among the participating teams were the Madras Cricket Academy, who train young aspiring cricket players for the prestigious Ranji Trophy for state level cricket, the junior team of the Vasant Valley School, the Ryder’s Club team and Core Competency Marine’s internal staff team.

Once the Jerseys and T-shirts had been distributed, the friendly matches among the teams meant that the day was action-packed with all the levels of excitement and dejection found at any cricket match.

Also present at the event were Kartar Nath, the under 16 cricket coach for Delhi state level from the Delhi & District Cricket Association (DDCA), and Peter Wellings, Director of the Slum Cricket Association, who were promoting Cricket for the deserving and under-privileged children of the Indian slums.

The players were categorised into two groups, the ‘Under 16s’ and the ‘Seniors’. The exciting day started off with the 15-over match between Vasant Valley School and Ryders Cricket Club’s Team.

The players unique style provided the spectators with entertainment and excitement during the tournament. The finale saw Vasant Valley School victorious by a thin margin of barely 1 run against 96 runs scored by Ryder’s Cricket Club. Reminiscent of the 20-20 cricket matches; the air was alive with a similar type of anxiety and thrill.

Afternoon tea provided renewed energy and the winning team got their Man of the Match and the winning trophy.

The final cricketing tug of war, under the ‘senior’ category, was held between the Madras Cricket Academy and the CCM Office team. The strategic and tactful game that the players of the Madras Cricket Academy provided was commendable.

The astounding 12-over match was brought to an indisputable win in a short span of first 6 overs with Madras Cricket Academy emerging victorious by 8 wickets.

The match saw three CCM fielders miss a ball chase in quick succession, before a relatively slow moving ball hit the boundary. Perhaps some regular practice here would be useful for the CCM team! However, some of the players from CCM performed brilliantly by bowling the openers out and a few hitting soaring sixes!

Click here to watch a short video of the day:
A Piece of India that is Scottish Forever