New Publication: Bulk Liquid Chemical Handling Guide for Plants, Terminals, Storage & Distribution Depots
(BLCH) Guide

Publication Date: 8 October 2012

The BLCH Guide is a 560 page publication, presented in two volumes, that provides detailed guidance for the management and employees of terminals and for terminal inspectors when answering the questions of the Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) – Terminal inspection protocol. The publication may also have educational value to professionals engaged in bulk liquid chemical handling in the wider industries of manufacturing, storage and distribution.

About the BLCH Guide:
The publication is explicitly not a reference for legislators to adopt as an Industry Standard, but recognizes the requirements of all applicable legislation It does not question or challenge the application or compliance with such legislation. The publication recognizes industry good practice for the safe and secure handling of bulk liquid chemicals as provided by the various national, regional and international standard bodies and respected industry associations.
The publication is non-prescriptive and provides guidance on the various solutions and options to achieve an international level of consistency for safe and quality operational performance of bulk liquid chemical terminals and the handling of bulk liquid chemicals in associated transport and distribution industries.

Capt. Howard N. Snaith, CDI General Manager, when asked why the BLCH Guide was created, advised “…as the work on The BLCH Guide progressed, it has become clear that the publication will be valuable to a much wider group of industries. A liquid storage terminal has so many operations taking place, each with individual and critical disciplines: tanks, drumming, packaging, road and rail, ships, barges, waste water, emergency response, etc., all requiring the application of best industry practice. Information exists, but from so many sources that it is fragmented and often difficult to locate; no single publication brings the data together in one volume of internationally consistent best practice. This publication will provide answers for the numerous employee groups involved in the whole chemical distribution industry, and beyond… …No other organization looks in detail at the many operations of a storage terminal, now CDI will produce this international reference for all those involved.”

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