Seamanship Library – Cloud (Online) Version

The Cloud (Online) eBook Reader is accessed directly in a web browser and therefore is compatible with all computers and tablets.

There are two versions of this application: Silverlight and HTML.


The Silverlight plugin works best in Internet Explorer 11. In this version, users can:

  • download eBooks for temporary (up to one week before connecting again) offline use
  • copy text and images
  • highlight sections of text
  • make annotations
  • search within an eBook or across multiple eBooks
  • print.


Users of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc, can make use of the HTML version. In this version, users can search within eBooks and also across all available eBooks.


Licences for the Cloud (Online) eBook Reader are sold on an annual subscription basis per eBook. Online licences are not transferrable to Windows (or vice versa). To discuss pricing and purchase Cloud (Online) eBook licences, please contact us.

A free trial of the Cloud (Online) eBook Reader is also available.