Are the eBooks compatible with other eBook Readers such as Kindle, Sony and iPad?

The eBook Reader is not available for iPad, Kindle or Sony Reader.

Can the eBooks be downloaded as PDFs?

No. eBooks can only be accessed via the eBook Reader.

How do I unlock my eBook (Standalone/Network)?

When you purchased the eBook, you will have received a READ/Licence code. This will be a 20-character code beginning with ‘READ-’. Enter this code when prompted in the box labelled ‘Licence Code’.

Please see the eBook Reader User Manual for complete unlocking instructions.

Can I print from an eBook?

eBooks are designed to be used on screen providing a single point of access to a vast amount of reference material that can easily be accessed and searched. You can print or copy/paste extracts of the documents (up to 75 pages at a time).

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to access my eBooks?

No. The Standalone and Network versions of the eBook Reader run without any need to access the Internet (although Internet access will make the initial unlocking process quicker and easier).

What happens if I change my PC or if my PC crashes?

Standalone licenses are supplied with 1 unlock + 1 backup unlock to re-install in the event of a PC change or crash. So long as the backup unlock has not been used, the eBook Reader and eBooks can be reinstalled and unlocked in the same manner as was done the first time.

If both unlocks have been used, please contact our Technical Support team for assistance.

For Network systems the back-up to reinstall is the disc itself. To unlock the eBooks again, please contact our Technical Support team for assistance.

Can I keep two different editions of a publication on my eBook Reader?

Yes, this is possible. Surveyors who need to access older versions of documents can install a new edition and just not remove the previous one.