Technical Support

The Licence Code does not exist

This is most likely caused by a typing error when entering the licence code.

Double-check the code you have entered. Licence codes do not contain the letters B, O or I so if you have entered any of these they should probably be changed to the digits 8, 0 and 1 respectively.

The box/licence code ‘READ-XXXX-…’ is not set up to unlock the eBook ‘Title’

This message usually appears in one of the following situations:

  • You are trying to unlock an eBook that is not purchased on the licence code (READ code) you have entered
  • You have more eBooks on more than one READ code and an incorrect (but valid) READ code is being used
  • You are trying to unlock a standalone eBook with a network READ code (or vice versa).

Check that you have purchased the eBook you are trying to unlock, and that you are using the correct READ code to unlock it, then try again.

Invalid Unlock Code

The unlock code contains invalid characters. You may have made a typo when entering the code received in a reply e-mail from ‘Seamanship Unlock Server’.

Double-check the code that has been entered. Unlock codes only contain the digits 0-9 and the letters A-F. The easiest way to avoid mistakes is to copy/paste the code from the e-mail into the eBook Reader.

You have entered your licence code (READ- code) instead of the unlock code.

The licence code is used when unlocking via the Internet or when sending an e-mail.

The unlock code is used when a reply e-mail has been received from Witherby, or by phone/fax.

The licence code starts with 'READ-' and is associated with a list of eBooks.

The unlock code is associated with a serial number that is unique to each eBook on a given computer.

Unlock codes contain 4 sets of 4 characters and 1 set of 2 characters, as shown:


Unable to import an eBook using ‘Download and Install from Internet’ or Unable to unlock using the Internet or Unable to access the Internet Updates

A company firewall is probably blocking Internet access for the program.

Option 1: Add the following three URLs to the white list:

Option 2: Add the following IP addresses to the white list: (WPGL office)

And either one of the following depending on which is closer to your location: (Server location - Amsterdam) (Server location - Singapore)

An email unlock request has been sent to the Unlock Server, and no reply has been received

First, look in any spam or junk mail folders as automated responses are sometimes filtered into these.

Then, check the following:

  • That the email address the request was sent to was ‘’.
  • That the email subject line contained the words ‘Unlock’ and ‘READ’
  • That if the ‘Reply Address’ field in the request was filled out, the email address entered is correct
  • That the READ / licence code is correct.